Wednesday, 2 December 2015

We Are Complicit.

At the age of 81, this poster says what I feel in my heart.

        Today, the members of the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption will decide if the British imperialist hierarchy will unleash their modern destructive air-power on Syria. The extreme right-wing faction in the Labour Party have demanded a free vote on this matter, and with their usual overpowering arrogance, they say the will vote according to their conscience. They utterly fail to grasp the idea of democracy, they simply can't accept that they are there to represent their constituencies and not their own personal view.
        What will happen if the pompous arrogant mouthpieces of the British imperialist establishment succeed in getting their way, and it certainly looks as if they will? That babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, will swamp us with maps, showing lots of lines and strange names, photographs of UK war-planes, there will of course by videos of our “clever smart missiles” turning a rather hazy something into a cloud of dust. What they will not show of course, is the body parts lying around after the dust settles. They will also pump out that old UK military myth, we only kill “bad guys”, but somehow in every war zone we are involved in, the local inhabitants keep burying the damaged bodies of their men women and children. 
        At present some of the most powerful military powers on earth are bombing Syria on a vast and daily basis, Syria is a waste land, its people are fleeing in their millions, Britain's contribution to that mayhem, will be more death and destruction, more terrified traumatised families fleeing a Western created Dante's inferno. The UK imperial establishment's only reason for entering this destruction of a country, is its desire not to miss out on the spoils of war, when the imperialists start to carve up that unfortunate land. The pack of imperialist wolves are tearing Syria apart to fulfil their original aims, to bring down the Assad regime and open Syria's resources to the corporate world. The Syrian people are not on that agenda, they can go to hell in a hand cart as far as the big boys in the imperialist team are concerned. 
          Like Afghanistan, like Iraq, like Libya, and further back, Malaya and Suez, and many others, our involvement in Syria has nothing to do with democracy, nothing to do with the local people, it is all about imperialist powers carving up the world to their own advantage.
         Under the present system, Britain's blood stained path will continue, we will continue to send our young people to foreign lands, waving the false flag of democracy, they will destroy and kill, to further the power of UK interests, to plunder other people's resources. Only the will of the people can stop this greed driven human disaster. As it continues we are complicit, we swallow their lies, we turn a blind eye, we settle into our own comfort zone, we ignore the suffering of others. This brutal crime may be planned and instigated by the powers that be, but they need us to carry it out, we are the tools they use to savage other people, people just like us. 
         It will take something more than lobbying your MP, to end this cancer that is eating the human race. It will take a revolution of consciousness of the ordinary people, and the will to destroy the present system. 
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