Monday, 21 December 2015

To Challenge Injustice.

     Spain, Greece, America, and countries across the world, anarchists are imprisoned, simply because they can't stand by and see injustice and do nothing. To stand up to the craven injustices in this society can bring you into direct conflict with the full wait of the state apparatus. The state stands for authority, control, and the defence of wealth and power. Challenge this and you are deemed an an enemy, an irritant to the smooth running of that control machine, you have to be silenced. No country is immune from this repression, where you have a state, you have repression. Whenever this happens we have a duty to stand with, and show solidarity with, those who feel that brutal force of the state, simply for standing up to injustice. Here in the UK, we have the recent case of Peter Simpson. He has earned our support.

       Pete Simpson was remanded on the 17th December 2015. He is awaiting trial for ‘violent disorder’ after being attacked & arrested by police at an anti-cuts mayday demonstration in Cardiff, South Wales. He is on trial with another co-defendant in January 2016. Pete has spent the last several months with an electronic tag, his freedom severely restricted, and a change of bail address led to the court remanding him to prison.

       Please write to Pete at: Peter Simpson A6060CF, HMP CARDIFF, Knox Rd, Cardiff, WALES, CF24 0UG

        Stamps, envelopes, writing paper & books are also welcome. As well as any donations. Banner pictures, dedicated actions & other forms of solidarity are also invited from comrades across the world.

         We also recommend using if you are writing from abroad.

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  1. Translated (to Spanish) the text of the poster and posted on my blog.

  2. Thanks Loam, They must not suffer alone.