Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The School Of Americas, A Blood Factory.

      For a while our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media has been giving some space, between celebrities, sex and sport, to the hundreds of thousands painfully grinding their way across Europe from the hell hole that is the Middle East. Not much cover to the fact that the reason for the brutal bloodshed taking place in that region, is the imperialists, past and present, greed and power driven desire to plunder the rich resources of the region.
     This is not a unique situation, it is the pattern of imperialism that goes on across the globe. At the other end of the world, that troubled continent, South America, has faced, and still does, the vicious brutality of empire, as the corporate greed behind the American imperialism, try to crush any opposition to their plunder of the resources of that region.
        South America is steeped in blood, the blood of ordinary people, savagely beaten, tortured, murdered and "disappeared". All at the behest of American corporate power, through the medium of the American military.
      Just as the European imperialists are seeing mass exodus from their killing fields to their "homeland", so the US imperialists are seeing a similar mass increase crossing their border by those fleeing the savagery of their military machine.
     The rivers of blood that have flowed, and are still flowing, to protect the profits of the corporate world, outdo the combined volume of the Nile, Yangtze and the Amazon. Truly, corporate profit can be measured in blood.
This is a video that everybody should see.


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