Saturday, 5 December 2015



         With more than 8,000 air-strikes on Iraq and Syria in the last fifteen months, and now Britain joining the carnage, it is difficult to grasp the horror of the daily life of those left in that region. In spite of the unbelievable bombardment of that area and its people, Cameron tells us that it will take a long time to complete their task. What will be left of the region when the imperialists consider their job done? All in all the situation fills me with dread and anguish, my heart weeps for the people who daily are at the receiving end of this destruction of everything they have built over the centuries. We are creating a wasteland filled with dead, maimed, traumatised people, a generation of children growing up knowing nothing but violence and carnage, how will they find love in their hearts.


Dark malefic clouds crowd the sky
winds carry the stench of carrion to every nostril,
the crazy ape has followed the faculty of hawks.
All around stand crows, magpies, jackdaws, vultures,
edacious eyes anticipating their putrid feast.
A weary Cassandra laments;
doves, hearts weeping for a better yesterday
forsake their olive branches.

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