Wednesday, 30 December 2015

You Resist, Or You Are Complicit.

      Hi friends, comrades, acquaintances, good to be back, hope you all had as good a time as I enjoyed. Though I enjoyed the few days up in St Andrews, and had a wonderful time with the grand-kids, it did nothing to quell the anger and disgust in my belly at the the system under which we live, and under which my grand-children will have to grow up and scratch out a living. I can only see their lives having a bleaker future than I had, UNLESS!!
      We all have to realise we live in an environment of class war. 
Benefit sanctions = class war
Workfare = class war
Wage restraint = class war
Bedroom tax = class war
Zero-hours contracts = class war
Austerity = class war

      The system is a system based on class war, class war is necessary for the system to protect and further the wealth and power of the parasitic cabal that live off the backs of the ordinary people. It never has, never will, and is not intend to, spread the wealth created by the people among the people. If we the people wish to enjoy the wealth that we create, then the system under which we live will have to be destroyed. Capitalism is a cancer on humanity, and a death knell on the environment. The pace of the destruction of peoples and the environment by the capitalist system is ever increasing, and will continue to do so, until we stop its cancerous growth. It will not stop of its own accord, it will not stop because the parasites at the helm consider that they have enough. It will only stop when we say, we have had enough. Accept the legacy of a destroyed world and continuous exploitation for our grandchildren, or start now the fight to destroy this vicious plague of greed, this time-bomb on the planet. 
      There are many ways to fight, undermine, and short-circuit this system, we can all play our part, the system is dependent on our compliance to its needs, the myth of perpetual growth. 
     Consumerism is a war on everything, and we are being compelled to be its soldiers.
      Citizen's money is transformed into consumer bullets, bulldozers and bombs, wreaking havoc far and wide. And we aren't even happier for all of that. Lazier, for sure, but happier? Not so much.
      Advertising is the most insidious propaganda ever produced. It has formed our world view, our purpose for living. “I shop, therefore I am. If some is good, more is better.” It is causing us to volunteer our lives to the pursuit of more everything, and damn the consequences.
       Overconsumption is an act of violence. It harms others, the planet, and the person doing the consuming. It is not a positive act for children or other living things, which is why its explosive powers must be defused and the lies and corrosive myths of consumerism laid bare.
The truth is that harbouring unlimited desires and living large is not in our genetic make up. For most of the human timeline we have lived simply in small nomadic groups. Excessive possessions for most of human history were nothing more than a hindrance, and they still are today.
      We have only recently been drafted into Operation Live To Consume. Citizens have been carefully trained to be consumers, consuming far past the point of need. Perhaps that is the good news.
We still have deep desires in our genetic make up to live that planet-friendly simple lifestyle that worked for us over tens of thousands of years, and still does among the few today that continue these ways.
The ultimate planet-supporting thing to do is to be a conscientious objector, refuse to fight on the consumer battlefield, and commit to a life of nonviolence.
       We can all rejoin the original mission - Operation Consume To Live. It is a mission of enough, of peace and contentment. Of sanity and solidarity.
Remember, we are governed by consent, we can withdraw that consent. 
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