Saturday, 10 December 2016

A Comrade Remembered.

      December 11th. marks the third anniversary of the police killing of 26 year old anarchist Sebastián Oversluij Seguel in Santiago by Chilean police, he died from 6 bullet wounds, fired from one police gun. His comrades have not forgotten him.

       Sebastián Oversluij, we demand your memory in every direct action.* This December 11 is already 3 years since your death in combat, with fire we remember every fallen compañerx.
Freedom for the PDI case compañerxs, Tamara Sol and all other compas who have been kidnapped and imprisoned by the Police State.
Fire to the prisons! We do not forget, we do not forgive! The struggle continues, stronger than ever!
*Barricades, banners, pamphlets and attacks with Molotovs against the police in memory of Sebastián ‘Angry’ Oversluij and for the political prisoners outside UMCE (Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences). There were also clashes outside Campus Juan Gómez Millas (University of Chile). 07.12.2016

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