Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Malignant Power Of Invisible Holy Men.

        Too often religion in Western society gets an easy ride, well at least the Christian variety. In mainstream politics religion is almost taboo territory, a place you don’t go. So many of the mainstream politicians hold deeply religious views, and this is passed over as if it had no bearing on their decisions. However, a devout Catholic will have very strong views on things like abortion, family planning, education etc. but this will not be taken as a conflict of interests when they find themselves sitting on committees shaping legislation on these matters for others of no religion. Apart from this, the institution of religion is dressed in a gown of peace, love and charity, when in fact it is a very rich and powerful authoritarian pillar of the capitalist society. The church has blessed wars, spread the snake oil of submissiveness on poverty, and supported inequality, as it holds the hands of monarchs, prime ministers and presidents, suffers amnesia regarding is centuries old litany of physical and sexual abuse, maintains that lying position of not getting involved in politics, but manoeuvres its devout followers into positions of power. Our present Prime minister is a devout Christian and seeks the advice of her invisible friend in the sky. Religion is at the heart of the repressive system under which we live. There can be no freedom as long as religion and state are intertwined with their cheating hands on the levers off power. Religion must be seen for what it is, a power hungry, homophobic repressive authoritarian regime, the enemy of free choice, with a history of savage brutality, a control system that seeks world wide domination, based on the fairy tales and myths of some long gone ancient tribes.
         Of course there are those who don't see religion as an innocent bystander to the repression of the individuals freedom.
Thessaloniki, Greece:
Church attacked in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco.
    In the early hours of December 8th 2016, we decided to attack the Church of Prophet Elijah at Olympiados Street in Thessaloniki, setting fire to its entrance and interiors. This act was in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, accused of an explosive attack at El Pilar cathedral in Zaragoza on October 2nd 2013. In fact, during that period the Catholic Church in Spain had been struck by a series of attacks because of its willingness to limit access to abortions.
         Every religion is our enemy. It sustains the status quo, pacifying the society with norms that later become laws. It bases its power on believers’ hopes of a future afterlife, stifling any desire for insurgency today, in the here and now. It justifies war based on cultural differences that religion itself has created.
        This is also the role of the church in Greece’s contemporary reality, and beyond. Its all-powerful political role is exercised by its fascist, patriotic, xenophobic rhetoric, always in tandem and direct relation with politicians, cops, judges and journalists.
         At the same time it is well-known that the church is constantly trying to expand its economic hegemony and immeasurable wealth, which rests on the possession of huge tracts of land, buildings, etc. With a view to obtaining profits by means of speculation, it sets up a charitable façade which has nothing to do with reality.
         Finally, it has a huge social and cultural influence, being a pillar of the patriarchal system. It promotes (both externally and internally) heteronormativity, homophobia, and rape culture in its entirety. Its position on the place of women, sexuality or abortion is indicative of its stance on many such issues.

Solidarity with anarchists held captive in prisons.
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  1. "The only church that 'enlightens' is the one that burns." Piotr Kropotkin