Saturday, 10 December 2016

Your Diary Dates.

      As usual, our friends at ACE in Edinburgh have come up with another very interesting array of events. So mark your diary and if you are in or around Edinburgh on these dates do drop in.
6pm Monday 12th December
At Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh
     Join us for a talk and discussion on Womens Health Projects and Zapatista autonomous health care in Chiapas, Mexico. Lisa Sanderson-Fox, who worked in the Zapatista Autonomous Zones of Chiapas from 2000-2004 and has made numerous trips since, will be speaking about community health worker projects with an emphasis on Women's health. Community Health Workers are an essential part of insuring dignified health care in remote indigenous communities. Come hear stories and participate in a discussion about the role of international solidarity in developing sustainable health care access in revolutionary Mayan commmunities of Chiapas.Lisa has worked with Community Health Workers in Chiapas since 2000, providing trainings for hundreds of people and accompanying multiple clinics in the process of developing autonomous health services appropriate for their communities and culture.
Organised, in conjunction with ACE, by Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity
Followed by talk and discussion on Detroit:
8pm Monday 12th December
At Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh.
Join us for a talk and discussion on Detroit: Future City?
       The US city of Detroit had a population in the region of 1.8 million in the 1950s but automation and the flight of big business, particularly in the automotive industry, led to massive redundancies, foreclosures and the displacement of millions. The population now stands at less than 700,000, the lowest it has been for a century. In the midst of this neo-liberal catastrophe and the associated withdrawal of public services, residents have banded together to create their own solutions including food networks, community safety patrols, free schools and neighbourhood housing projects. However, these pioneering Detroiters are faced with an onslaught of further privatisation, dissolution of democratic control of local government, the removal collective bargaining and raids on pension funds. These competing models of the 'future city' will have ramifications not just in the US but worldwide. Sarah Coffey, a longtime Detroit resident, community organiser and a co-founder of the Midnight Special Law Collective has been closely involved with autonomous communities in the city.
Organised by ACE
Tuesday 13 December 6pm
All welcome
     We hope all groups involved with ACE will send at least one delegate The monthly meetings are now the second Tuesday each month at 6pm
Thursday 15 December 6pm - 8pm
Updating our website, writing new articles, leaflets etc
All interested very welcome
Friday 16 December 11am - 1pm/1.30pm
Informal training for supporting people over benefits problems
At ACE No experience necessary - all interested very welcome
Talk and discussion at ACE with Carlus Hudson
Saturday 17 December 7pm
        The Black Panthers are one of the most pivotal organisations in the histories of radicalism and anti-racism in the United States, and their ideas have had an enormous impact on activists who have come after them. Far less famous, but by no means less significant, was the Black Panther Movement in Britain. Active in the late 60s and early 70s, its history touches on the fight within the anti-racist movement in Britain between its liberal and radical wings, and the internationalisation of struggles against colonialism, neo-colonialism and the Vietnam War. Focusing on the Black Panthers based in London, this talk will tell their story before delving deeper into the development of the movement’s culture and organisational models. The talk will examine the Black Panthers from the perspective of intersectional anarchism, and show its shortcomings in terms of gender, class, and political hierarchy. Carlus Hudson is a PhD student at the University of Portsmouth researching student anti-racism in the UK in the 1970s'
Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place EH7 5HA
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