Friday, 2 December 2016

Another Death At The Hands Of The Police.

      For centuries, across the world, the state apparatus has used brutality to silence and repress the voice of the dissident, but still that voice is there. It is not new for death to be the price of being  different, to dare to challenge the established power. Salvador Olmos Garcia will not be the last, he joins a long list of those the various states have seen fit to put to death for daring to be different, it will not stop until we dismantle completely, that brutal power structure that is the beating heart of capitalism.  
     This is a documentary made by two travelers from Belarus, Ukraine, about a Mexican anarchist Salvador Olmos Garcia who was murdered by the police in his home town.
Lang: Spanish
Subs: Russian and English

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  1. The greater the difference between the poor and the rich, the exploited and the landlords, the greater the violence used by the police. They say that the Spaniards scream a lot and it's true: we scream in the 36th warning of the fascist danger and we keep raising our voice for the same thing.
    Let the earth be light to our comrade killed and our memory be long and faithful!