Sunday, 4 December 2016

The World's Eyes On Standing Rock.

      The camp set up by the water protectors at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline is facing a critical stage, as December the 5th, is the date set by the Army Corps of Engineers and North Dakota Governor, Jack Dalrymple to evict the water protectors. Solidarity, and publicity are needed now more than ever. Let's raise their voices across the planet. Support is growing in America, there are thousands of US veterans now arriving at the camp, there solidarity is welcome and needed. 

-------the announcement comes as thousands of U.S. Army veterans are expected to arrive at the Oceti Sakowin camp this weekend in anticipation of the Dec. 5 eviction notice given to the camp by the Army Corps of Engineers and North Dakota Governor, Jack Dalrymple. 
      Another show of solidarity comes from a delegation of Cuban trained doctors, who are heading for the camp to lend their expertise and support. Monday will be a very testing day, will the US state unleash its usual militarised violence against such large numbers, including thousands of its veterans, on its on soil? history should give us a dire warning. If the eviction goes ahead as stated, it will not be a quiet affair. What ever happens, let's make sure the world is watching.
       a delegation of doctors trained at the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba announced they will head to Standing Rock to “serve in solidarity.”
        In a late Thursday Facebook post, a group of U.S.-based medical professionals trained at Cuba’s famous Latin American School of Medicine, or ELAM, announced they will head to Standing Rock “to humbly serve in solidarity with the Sacred Water Protectors on the front lines of the current human rights and ecological crisis occurring right now in North Dakota.”
       Dr. Revery P. Barnes, a graduate of ELAM, said in a post on Facebook, “We answer the call to serve in alignment with the mission and core principles of our alma mater and dedication to our commitment to serve underserved communities in our HOME country.” The delegation will work in collaboration with the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council.
      “While Cuba instilled in us an unwavering commitment to internationalism, with the acceptance of a full scholarship to medical school at ELAM, we made the moral commitment to respond to the needs of our most vulnerable communities here at home in the U.S.,” the statement continued.
          On Wednesday, the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council – which has been providing emergency and chronic health care services to the thousands of water protectors gathered at Standing Rock – issued a warning about the grave health and safety threats posed by escalating use of violence by Morton County Sheriff’s Department and Dakota Access Pipeline security personnel, whom they described as creating “war-like conditions.”

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