Thursday, 15 December 2016

Another Massive Oil Spill.

         I have no doubt that there are lots of people, spouting the wonders of modern technology. who considered that the water protectors trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock were over reacting for some ulterior motive. Well not a stones throw from the stand off between the water protectors and the oil greed juggernaut, the wonders of modern technology have let us down again, with disastrous effects. A massive oil spill, estimated at more than 170,000 gallons of crude oil has just leaked into a tributary of the Little Missouri River and over a hillside. It appears that the monitoring equipment failed to detect the leak, so nobody is sure for how long it has been leaking. So far two dead cows have been found at the site. Thanks for the link Loam.
This report from Mint Press News:

        A pipeline just two and half hours’ drive from the Indigenous water protectors’ ongoing stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline has leaked over 170,000 gallons of crude oil into a tributary of the Little Missouri River and into a hillside, it was reported late Monday.
       Monitoring equipment failed to detect the leak, and it is unknown how long the spill near Belfield, North Dakota had gone on before a local landowner discovered it on December 5.
       At least two cows have been confirmed dead near the site of the spill, reports the Pioneer Press.
       The Belle Fourche pipeline is operated by the Wyoming-based True Companies, which is the same company behind the 2015 pipeline rupture in Montana that sent over 40,000 barrels of crude into Yellowstone River. Indeed, at that time it was reported that the operator had a “checkered environmental history,” with 30 recorded pipeline leaks and multiple federal fines on its record.
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