Monday, 5 December 2016

Determined Solidarity Wins Again.

      As I prepared for bed last night I got the news that the Water Protectors seemed to have won a major victory. So once again mass protest and solidarity, with the world's eyes watching, has slowed the corporate juggernaut of greed. It now seems that the US Corp of Army Engineers has denied the Dakota Access Pipeline its route across Lake Oahe. I said slowed the Access Pipeline, as the Corp of Army Engineers are going to carry out a survey and look at an alternative route. Let's wait and see what transpires from that survey, it could be a tactic to disperse the thousands of water protectors and then introduce an equally devastating plan. Perhaps not, but it is a thought. Whatever is the outcome, it has slowed the greed juggernaut, not yet stopped it. This victory must bring home the message that the power of the people, working in solidarity, can stop the unbridled rape, plunder and destruction of the planet.
      However, let's not start the party just yet, the water protectors must still keep their eyes on the ball, where will this snake of destruction turn its head towards? This pipeline is partially completed, whose water supply, whose land is now going to be polluted? I doubt if we will see it abandoned, unless??
      Well done to those thousands of ordinary people who faced down the fierce brutality of the world's most militarised police, the vicious winter conditions, and came out standing tall at Standing Rock. Let's all learn from their actions, with determine solidarity we can challenge and win 
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  1. "However, let's not start the party just yet".

    Exact! Do not trust the enemy, he lies more than he speaks.