Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tear Down The Walls.

      Our capitalist, so called democratic society, simply comprises of two types of prisons, there is the one occupied by the vast majority of people, the open prison with its illusion of freedom. However, you are still confined within its framework of CCTV cameras, wage slavery, consumerist and subservient adherence to the established order of inequality. For the majority of people this means that your quality of life is inseparably linked to you market value on any particular day. Then there is the other prison, the closed prison, with its total surveillance, bars, guards, brutal repression and total control. This one is reserved for those who can't, or won't, play by the rules laid down for the smooth running of this unjust exploitative system. If you are a threat to the established order of this society of inequality, then you are very likely to end up in the closed prison. The human spirit being what it is, most of those the state deems "a threat", and condemns to the closed prison, continue their fight for freedom from within these barbaric cages of repression. The methods and tactics of their struggles comprises of many imaginative and courageous variations and should always demand our solidarity and support. The hunger strike is one such avenue of struggle, and should be seen as a barometer of the inhumane barbarity within the prison system. This is the ultimate sacrifice, and can only be carried out by a principled individual, for they are laying down their life for those principles. No system can be included in a civilised society that pushes an individual to take such a step. There is no place within a civilised society for prisons, freedom can only flourish when all the prisons are rubble, and a dark memory from our distant past.
         The “publication of tear down bastille” is in the frames of the functioning of the Solidarity fund for imprisoned and prosecuted fighters and is distributed in- side, as well as outside the walls. The main activity of the fund is to contribute to the livelihood needs of the people who are in- carcerated for their subversive actions and participation in social struggles. Within its capabilities, lies also the support of people whose constant and persistent attitude within the daily prison life has been identified with dignity, solidarity, and the struggle. However, one of its additional main priorities is the contribution to the spreading of the words of the prisoners and the overcoming of its barriers, posed by their incarceration.
          Those of us who take on the publication of this issue are limited to its technical processing and distribution. The texts come exclusively from fighting prisoners – not always only from those who are materially supported by the fund, but also others who decide to stand tall against authority and the devastating condition of incarceration. This present issue is an exception, because it has fulfilled the subjects it’s called to cover. In this case, besides the letters from imprisoned comrades there is also a historical review which was written by the funds’ assembly. Through publishing the thoughts and experiences of prisoners, through the spreading of their words, we seek to make them as present as possible in the daily processes of the fighters outside the walls, we want to shake the barriers of silence, fragmentation, the division among the oppressed, we chose to incarnate the projects of struggle and solidarity in one more way.
       This specific issue refers to hunger strike as a means of struggle, a matter that has intensely concerned not only those directly involved but also those in solidarity, as well as a large part of Greek society. A hunger strike, as a means of struggle, was never a desperate move, or simply a “peace- full” protest in order to project the victimization of the hunger striker and extract sensitivity and charity. It is a conscious struggle, where the coordination of those inside and outside is a necessary condition in order for there to be a result, but also to maintain the strengths of those fighting. Despite all this, we realize that the hunger strike is the ultimate means that a prisoner could choose, we think it is of imperative need to cultivate a bidirectional struggle dynamic inside and outside the walls, that will prevent the condition of someone placing their own body as a mound.
The struggle for revolution and the tearing down of very prison still remains open.
Solidarity Fund For Imprisoned And Persecuted Fighters
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