Friday, 9 December 2016

The Coming War On China.


      The other night I did something unusual, I sat and watched a 2 hour documentary on TV, I must admit it was 2 hours well spent. The documentary was John Pilger's "The Coming War On China", it was jammed pact with facts and figures, backed up by photos and statements. What it shows is that there is a savage insanity running through the whole Western capitalist system. War and destructive power are its main ingredients. There is not a shred of humanity to be found in the plans and aims of this juggernaut of manic hate, driven by the militarised American empire. From blatant use of humans in experiments with radioactivity, to outrageous lies to communities, to commandeering whole islands, and destroying the lives and way of life of thousands of ordinary people. All this driven by a paranoia that sees China as something that must be destroyed, no matter the costs.  In their marble halls of power they sit and draw up plans that could, if implemented, destroy all life on the planet, this is, somehow in their deranged minds, is defending freedom.
       If there is anybody out there who still has doubts as to the destructive nature of capitalism, then I ask you to sit and take the time to watch this documentary to the last frame. Not only was my disgust for this system supercharged, my hatred of the capitalist system strongly reinforced, my anger went off the scale. On top of that there was a foreboding feeling of dread, tinged with fear for my kids and grand kids. Watch this Documentary and join the millions across the world who are fighting to bring down this nightmare cancer that is eating at the heart of our planet. It could be much later than you think. 
       As the American establishment feels its power diminishing, it becomes more desperate, more paranoid, more deranged, and grasps around for ways to regain its world dominance, to to them China is seen as the root cause of their slipping power, and so must be destroyed, and to hell with humanity. Sadly, we are part and parcel of that insane destructive nightmare with our Trident nuclear submarines and there nuclear weapons. We are truly living in an asylum, we must break down the walls and regain our freedom before it is all too late.   
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