Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Common Cause.

         We volunteers at Spirit of Revolt always try to get what is in our archive out to the general public. We do this among other ways, with exhibitions, on line cataloguing, and displays at various events. Why do we do this, well we believe that the grass-roots history of the ordinary people is extremely important. It is a powerful history of our past struggles from which we can learn much. It is also a history that would be lost, leaving a large gap in our true story. Without our true history we are a false people.
     Another way we try to get people interested in what we hold in the archive is the spot on our website called, "Read of the Month". Here we select a pamphlet, paper, small book or whatever, and put it on Read of the Month in the hope that it will raise you interest, pushing you to explore much deeper. 
      This month it is a small magazine covering community and industrial struggles from South Wales, Common Cause, No.2, 1978. Have a look, and if you like what you see, perhaps you can let your curser slide along to the "Donate" button and give a little to help us to continue doing what we are always trying to do, preserve and make easily and freely available, our history of struggle.
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