Monday, 12 December 2016

Return of the 20/30's????

         It is difficult, viewing today’s political scene, not to draw parallels between the 20/30’s and today. It was the populist vote that brought Mussolini to power in 1922, and a decade later, it was the populist vote that brought Hitler to power in 1933. Today the populist vote is encouraging the rise of far right factions across Europe and America. Fascists now openly displaying their symbols of hate, and openly hold meetings where they spread their rhetoric of division and hate. Of course the fascist are not going unchallenged, nor should they, as the present political era seems to give them a new confidence to spew their vomit, so it should give those who desire freedom and justice for all, an ever greater determination to meet this head on. Where and when the fascist come out of their sewers, we have to be there to meet them, you can never give vermin a free run, or they will destroy everything you hold dear.
        Of course there are forces at work funding and giving the oxygen of publicity and propaganda to these far right factions, and they have an agenda. When times are hard and people start to come together in struggle to improve their conditions, as in the 20/30’s, they are a threat to the established power cabal. The answer to that threat is divide and conquer, through fear and false assumptions, creating conditions for greater control over the population. Fascism is never an accident of nature, it is a man made force, it allows for greater control by the powers that be, over the ordinary people and the shape of the society we live in.
This from New Scientist
        This may help to explain a lot of what is happening in the world right now. The Global Risks Report 2016 details a worldwide rise in catastrophic events, ranging from involuntary migration to natural disasters. When such crises occur, people look for someone to blame, and often immigration and minorities become an easy scapegoat for a problem that is far less visible in origin – as is the case with financial crises.
      Immigration itself has been shown to have an effect on right-wing views – but not in the direction you might expect. The two show a negative correlation: in the places where immigration is the highest, support for right-wing parties is lowest. For example, it has been shown that it is the perception of immigration levels in a local area, rather than the actual change in numbers, that is linked to votes for UKIP.
 People who hate differences displaying the number of brain cells they have.
         On December 10th, 2016 the ‘German Turkish Federation’ (ATF) organized a cultural day with the slogan ‘Feast of the Flags’ in the Neumünster town hall. The ‘ATF’ is the umbrella organization of the ‘Gray Wolves’ and represents the fascist nationalist MHP party in Germany. It is a scandal that the city of Neumünster allows its premises to be used by fascist organizations who openly display their fascist-nationalist ideology. The flags with the three crescents were openly on display, the ‘Gray Wolves’ hand signal was openly used and fascist literature was sold.
         The ‘Turkish Federation’ is responsible not only for propaganda work in the FRG to spread its fascist agitation but is also closely linked to the MHP party in Turkey. The fascists played a decisive role in the massacres in Cizre, Sur and many other regions while the fascist forces within the Turkish army are currently participating in the invasion of Bakur and Rojava. The MHP is working with the AKP on the reintroduction of the death penalty in Turkey. Their objective is the murder of Serok APO (Abdullah Öcalan) by the Turkish state.

      In protest against the fascist event we simultaneously attacked the ATF building on Joachim street with graffiti and sabotaged several cars of the participants.
We will attack you wherever you are.
Revenge Team Sehid Lecwan Munzur of the Apoist Youth Initiative.
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