Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Call For Support.

        To any observer, it is obvious that today, the neo-nazis are emboldened enough to take their vile. poisoning ideology on to the streets. Their confidence will grow in relation to our lack of resistance, and conversely, their confidence will diminish in relation to the strength of our resistance. Passive resistance to their lying, divisive ideology will fail, they dream of power, of being a force, and force is the only weapon that will defeat them. They are not open to rational discussion, they are not receptive to evidence based information, so these weapons will be of no avail in the struggle to rid ourselves of this cancer that is creeping its way through our society. One brave anarchist, if perhaps a little foolhardy for tackling such a crowd on his own, faced up to them in a very unequal battle, a difficult decision in such a situation. He paid a price in damaging injuries, and now faces further punishment from the corrupt state judicial system. We all know that the police and the fascists walk the same path.
         An appeal for solidarity and financial support from 325:
March 19th, 2017

      On the 19th of February, Taras Bogay, an anarchist and eco-activist from Lviv, Ukraine, was assaulted by a group of 20-30 drunk neo-nazis from the rightwing organisations Right Sector and the neo-nazi militia named the Azov battallion. They attacked Taras after he tried to protect a group of foreigners that the nazi group was harassing with racial slurs and threats.
        During the fight the attackers threatened to kill Taras. He was knocked unconscious and sustained a heavy concussion and numerous cuts resulting in the near loss of one of his fingers. While defending himself and the foreigners, Taras slightly cut one of the attackers with no serious injury. Taras fought well, but the forces were uneven.
       Despite Taras having been found covered in his own blood, the Lviv police department released news about the incident later that day without mentioning Taras’ injuries. The news stated: “the police arrested a 27-years old man that stabbed an 18-year old teenager in a conflict”.
        A few days after the incident a false “witness” claimed that Taras suddenly attacked the group of innocent people, then cut himself and ran away. While every word of this evidence is a clear lie, it may be considered as proof of Taras’s fault in the court. The case clearly demonstrates that Ukrainian police has a strong affiliation with far-right organizations. Currently, Taras is being treated for his wounds, and is doing rehabilitation from his concussion. Taras is recovering gradually and his condition is gradually improving. Nevertheless, he is still unable to work.
       Taras is experiencing severe financial problems. First, he is unable to work due to the injuries and have to pay medical bills. Second, to protect himself from the false charges, Taras requires a lawyer that cost at least €900 (he has concluded a contract with a lawyer for the period of investigation – about half of a year).
      Without a good lawyer Taras could face a prison sentence between five and seven years (the charges being disorderly conduct and grievous bodily harm).
       We have started the fundraising campaign at firefund.net/ukraine to collect €900 that will enable us to provide Taras with a good lawyer and help him to survive during the period of unemployment. The struggle against far-right politics relies on global solidarity and mutual aid.
Also, you may donate to ABC bitcoin wallet: 39pQm5RxArsFZEBt4MPvMFuHEuyY1oG18k

Stop fascist scum! Solidarity with Taras Bogay!

Thank you for the support!
Long live anarchy!
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