Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Most Effective Cops Don't Wear Uniforms.

         The most effective cop doesn’t wear a uniform, the most effective cop is in your head. Today the population, to a great extent, has been domesticated, where individuals have animals to do their bidding, so the state has citizens to do its bidding. We have been domesticated from birth by the education system, the pattern is planted, obey the teacher, obey the authority, abide by the rules and you will go through the system unmolested, abide by the law and you be fine. The mould has been set and is firm and strong, go to school, carry that obedience through to your work place, respect authority, don’t rock the boat, just conform. Of course when the few don’t, and those who haven’t succumbed to the conditioning, start to think for themselves, then that’s when the more brutal conditioning comes in, the appearance of the uniform, the baton, the tear gas, the controlled cages, etc.. This whole system of conditioned domestication relies on fear, there has to be that shadow hanging over you, there has to be that dark place waiting for you if you disobey, that’s the duty of the systems minders, the cops, the judicial system and its isolated cages. It is extremely difficult to act as a freethinking individual when you are conditioned from birth, when your value structure has a foundation of respect for authority. Respect should never be an obligation, it should be something that is earned by verifiable evidence. There is no other purpose for the police than to protect the wealth and power of those in authority, to keep the system running as it is, unequal, unjust, and exploitative. Yes there may be spin-off, they may catch a rapist, or a paedophile, but that is incidental to their real purpose. In all probability the catching of a rapists will be done with less violence that breaking up a peaceful protest about an injustice in society.
       If we want to be a society of freethinking individuals, we have to get rid of the cops in our heads, expel them, we have to see the real purpose of the uniformed cops, only then will we able to challenge the injustices of this greed driven system of corruption, only then will we be able to create that better world for all, only then can we be our own person.
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