Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A Letter From The Past.

        New addition to Spirit of Revolt Archive, thanks to auther/writer/political activist, James Kelman, a letter from the past from one of Glasgow's better known anarchists, Bobby Lynn.
 Robert (Bobby) Lynn, 1924-1996, was a well know Glasgow anarchist and a character. This month our “Read of the Month” is a letter that has just come into the Spirit of Revolt Archive. It is from Bobby to James Kelman, attempting to raise money to start a social centre in Glasgow. Since then, Glasgow has had several attempts at an autonomous/social centre, but most have been very short lived. The latest one is the Glasgow Autonomous Space, (GAS), let’s wish it luck and hope it has a much longer life than previous attempts.
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  1. Best wishes to GAS, her achievements will also be ours.