Thursday, 2 March 2017

Get Out Of My Country!!

      An interesting article from "The Conjure House", I'm sure it will cause controversy and debate among the left, but of course that is what we should be having. It does however, offer food for thought, how far down the road to total control do you go, how much venom do you swallow before you turn, and how will you counter act the control, and the venom, is there a limit, or is this the way of life? This article is based on the American situation at the moment, but the epidemic that is sweeping America, has started to infect the rest of the Western world, do we have the antidote, or, are we to entering a world where non-compliance and "mis-fits" must be exterminated?
      ----Imagine for a moment you’re at a bar and there’s an immigrant in front of you. He’s quiet, but not antisocial, casually dressed but not sloppy. He seems just like anybody else except he isn’t. What you don’t know is he’s been working as an aviation programs engineer and even helped design fly-by-wire planes, in which manual controls are entirely replaced by computers. Smart guy, very talented, “high energy” as Il Duce might say; a success story from India and right out of American mythology.
       Now, behind him, a new sound; old, fearful, you hear a hellish cry: “GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!”
Who the fuck was that? There appears to be a bit of a scuffle in the back, some guy hassling the immigrant you were just studying, but the bar manager seems to take care of it. The man, who appears to be just some old white dude, looks pissed. There’s something about him, but you can’t seem to place it. The man leaves, but in a few minutes comes back through the door. Perhaps he left something?
         Maybe you’re at a protest this time, holding your sign and feeling the electric current of hundreds of other bodies joined in solidarity. A man emerges from the crowd, egging you on to hit him. He spits at you like a diseased raccoon and curses like a fucking sailor. Maybe he’s drunk you figure, or at least too high to really know what’s going on. Someone else pushes him away.
        This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re not even a full year into the reign of a new emperor and already the political climate has become practically poisonous, a vile and noxious cloud not only choking the most at risk in our communities but the people seeking to defend them. People have called for Antifa to be declared a terrorist organization; state governments are writing bills that allow protesters to be run over and have their property stolen from them.
It’s a situation not unlike the one faced by French Illegalists at the turn of the century:
“Against us, all arms are good; we are in an enemy camp, surrounded, harassed. The bosses, judges, soldiers, cops unite to bring us down.”
        To be a thinking person in this country of barbarians is to be a criminal and with ever-increasing fervor the tribes loyal to the new Emperor aim to make war upon us. There are millions of people sitting in front of televisions as I type these words that would see nothing wrong with a few hundred lives sacrificed every year to “keep people in line” and you can be sure that folks like you and I will be among them. The cops don’t stop them, they exchange racist texts with them; they console men who kill unarmed black children and tell them what they did was just.
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  1. As far as my poor understanding of English allows me, this is certainly a very interesting article and, as you well point out, controversial. I will try to find a Spanish version, if it exists.

    "As masters think,
    I have nowhere to hold myself:
    If they kill me, it's peace,
    But it is war to defend myself "

    (Alfonso Sastre - "Euskadi at war")