Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Sticky Fingered Ermined Parasites.


                        Men in funny dresses, trying to keep up with the women.
          We in the UK still wallow in the putrid swamp that is imperialism, we spend millions of pounds on keeping its symbols alive, just to reminder us, the ordinary plebs, of who is the real power in our land. Within those ageing buildings known as the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, there is a section that goes by the name of The House of Lords. I thought that in a Christian country there was only one Lord, but we seem to have a house full of them, all of them as equally useless as the Christian one. The army of ermined parasites who are privileged to sit in that hallowed hall are those who have arse licked enough to help cement the power of the privileged. This cabal of ermined parasites are no different from their counterparts in "that other chamber" known as "The Commons", in so much as a lot of them have sticky fingers, and seemed to be drawn to an open till.

      In their publicly  subsidised club, it appears that if you sign in, a nice little deposit of £300 will be dropped into you bank account. Being a shrewd bunch some of them have grasped that all you have to do is sign in, then pop off to get on with your life elsewhere, and you have a little more spending money to the tune of £300. Some of course do sign in, and then go on into the place, but make their way to the publicly subsidised restaurant and bar, partake of their pleasure, then bugger off again, being "fed and waatered" on the cheap, at our expense, and £300 the richer. Apparently, one member was noted to arrive, ask his taxi driver to keep the engine running while ran in, signed in, then buggered off, £300 the richer. Just play that game five days a week and you have £1,500 to play with, a nice little sideline over and above you earnings.
       The fact that this was becoming known, the club decided to let one of their own investigate this matter, but after months of investigation, the ermined lady in charge decided to drop the investigation. Her reasoning, it seems, was that she did not want to name and shame those greedy sticky finger bastards, as it would be likely to cause a media frenzy. Who says crime doesn't pay. 
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  1. In my country there is a popular saying to define this scoundrel:
    "Although the leech dresses silk, leech remains"

  2. Leeches, parasites, vermin, all worthless bloodsucking worms of the ordinary people. It is time society took a shower and washed this filth out of their lives.