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Psychiatric Hospitals For Those People With A Conscience.

           What would you call a country that locks people up in a psychiatric hospital for following their moral conscience, to avoid others from suffering, rather than following the law and causing suffering? Obvious some despot regime or banana republic, certainly not a Western developed country. Of course you would be wrong, once again that land of the free, the good ol' US of A, stands out as the greatest terrorist nation on the planet. Ana Belen Montes, a US citizen, was no anti-statist, took no bribes, sold no information, received no payment, did not belong to some underground organisation, except the American intelligence agencies, which perhaps is the largest underground organisation in the world. However she now languishes in solitary confinement in a psychiatric hospital isolated from friends and family, unable to receive gifts, mail or visitors, with the exception of her brother. Her heinous crime is that she tried to create better relations between America and Cuba, she attempted to avoid conflict between the two nations, and so protect the lives of Cubans and Americans. How dare she, when  the US establishment is out to destroy its neighbouring country, Cuba.

        Of course you will look long and hard to find any of this in our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, they never mention the terrorist and brutal acts of our home grown despot regimes, it is all glitter and gloss, all bubble gum and candy floss, amuse and titillate the masses, but never inform them, that is their sworn duty.
     According to a report published in 2015, for more than ten years, Ana Belen Montes has endured the following confinement conditions, in frank violation of her human rights:

  • “A Federal Prison Bureau decree (due to her espionage conviction) restricting contact to only her closest relatives.
  • A prohibition on inquiries about her health or the reasons for her detention in a center for the mentally ill, when she suffers no such condition.
  • A prohibition on the receipt of packages.
  • Letters sent to her are returned by registered post to the sender.
  • She is not allowed associate with other inmates.
  • She is not allowed make or receive phone calls.
  • She is not allowed read newspapers, magazines or watch TV.
  • She is not allowed visits from friends.
  • Her family members have, because of her commitment to the cause of Cuba, rejected or refused to maintain contact with her, meaning that Ana has been totally isolated from the world for more than a decade.”
        This translation on arrezafe slips from "he" to "she" but other than that, it is ease to follow.
      "Hon, I got involved in the activity that has brought me to you because I obeyed my conscience rather than obey the law I consider that the policy of our government towards Cuba is cruel and unfair, profoundly unfriendly.; I considered myself morally obliged to help the island defend itself from our efforts to impose on it our values and our political system. "
       " We have displayed intolerance and contempt for Cuba for four decades. We have never respected the right of Cuba to define their own destiny, their own ideals of equality and justice. I do not understand how we continue trying to dictate ... how Cuba should select their leaders, who should not be their leaders and what laws are most appropriate for that nation. Why do not we let them decide how they want to conduct their internal affairs, such as the United States has been doing for more than two centuries? " " My greatest wish would be to see the emergence of a friendly relationship between the US and Cuba. I hope my case, in any way, encourage our government to abandon its hostility towards Cuba and work together with Havana, imbued with a spirit of tolerance, mutual respect and understanding. " " Today we see more clearly than ever that intolerance and hatred -for individuals or governments - all that is spread pain and suffering. I hope that the United States develop a policy with Cuba based on love of neighbor, a policy that recognizes that Cuba, like any other nation, wants to be treated with dignity and not with contempt. "

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