Thursday, 9 March 2017

With Sticks And Stones---.

       While the Greek political ballerinas in secret, discuss the continual screwing of the people of Greece and the plundering of their assets, with the financial Mafia, in the shape of the Troika, (EC, Expert Criminals, ECB, Europe Criminal Bastards, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers) the people of Greece continue to fight back. On Wednesday morning, 8th March, the ferries brought 1,000-1,300 farmers and stock breeders from the island of Crete to Athens. Here they formed up in front of the Ministry of Agriculture Offices, demanding a meeting with the Minster, who refused to accommodate their request. As usual the police and riot police moved in heavy handed, only to be met with an army of farmers retaliating with their long shepherds staffs. 

       What the people of Greece are facing is tax rates of 26% and pension cuts of 22%, unemployment of 24%, youth unemployment of 50%, a collapsed health service, and crumbling education system, a massive increase in homelessness, mental and physical health problems and suicides. Still the financial Mafia want more of the same for the innocent people of Greece. This is capitalism attempting to sort its problems by bleeding the ordinary people. Capitalism can't be fixed, it is a system of exploitation, the people's struggle can fix things, by completely removing capitalism from our lives. 
        What is happening to the people of Greece is happening to all of us, it is all a matter of degree, the direction is the same, the ordinary people are being fleeced to enhance the wealth and power of those who control the system. We can sit and wait until we reach the same position as the people of Greece, and then sink further with them, or we can start now and demolish this unfair, unjust, exploitative greed drive system of inequality. We can shape the world to our desires, rather than follow the dictate of a small army of parasites. 

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