Friday, 3 March 2017

Self Defence Is Never A Crime.

           You are being attacked by a group, by plunder and deceit, they are mercilessly destroying your standard of living, stealing your kids future, and are responsible for countless deaths of the needy and vulnerable. It is not done by accident, but by deliberate actions to enrich themselves and their friends. The pain you and yours suffer is life long, and is nothing short of unnecessary brutal violence. What ever action you take to defend your friends and family can only be labelled self defence. Under no circumstances can self defence be held up as a crime, the crime is that you have suffered so long and are still suffering such injustice, poverty and deprivation at the hands of the few, in the midst of unimaginable wealth, that you and your friends created. The laws that bind us to this injustice are produced by the plunderers to protect their purloined wealth and power. They have built a powerful apparatus to enforce these chains that bind us, it lives under the name of the "judiciary system" For us to willing uphold these biased "laws" is to continue to subject ourselves to subservience, and accept our present state of injustice, poverty and deprivation, it is to abandon our children and grand children to the same stunted future.  We the many have to decide to make our own "laws" and stop playing this savage game to the loaded rules of the plunderers. In a few simple words we have to accept we are in a class war and self defence is never a crime.
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