Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Purveyors Of Plunder And Mayhem Come To Hamburg.

         July 2017 will see the the gathering of our beloved leaders from across the planet, the G20 will take place in Hamburg, on July 7th.-8th. These are the people that shape our world, and are so beloved by their people, that when they come together to discuss their grand plans, they need  the area where they are to meet, to be in lock-down, the citizens cleared or restricted, and a minimum of 10,000 police and secret agents to protect them from their loving citizens. The scale and concentration of the security that will surround this bunch of managers of the plundering of the earth, is indication of the total disgust in which the people hold them. These are the people responsible for the slaughter in the Middle East, the genocide of the Palestinian people, the drowning of thousands of fleeing innocent people, the army of refugees that are being, harassed, herded like cattle, or abandoned to claws of hunger and deprivation. Protests against this cabal of greed driven war mongers and power grabbers, should not be limited to Hamburg, it should be at least, pan-European, but preferably world wide and co-ordinated.
    They will arrive in their private jets, their limousines, and with their army of flunkies. This obscene display of corrupt power and savage authority will be paid for by you and me, no matter the cost, you and I will pick up the tab, they call it democracy.  
This from 325:
          On the 7th and 8th of July 2017 the G20 summit is supposed to take place in Hamburg. The heads of the governments of the 19 richest and most powerful states of the world, accompanied by 6.000 delegation members, surrounded and permanently photographed by 3.000 journalists and of course cordoned off and protected by an army of at least 10.000 police and secret service operatives.
         All this is supposed to take place in the middle of Hamburg: in the exhibition halls, in the town hall, in the Elbphilharmonie. Large-scale and multilevel barriers, ID controls, evacuated appartments – the main victims will be the people in the Karoviertel and the surrounding neighborhoods. Especially those, that are already more exposed to frequent controls and harrassments because of the color of their skin, their legal status, their precarious social situation or other reasons.
       The residents are supposed to give way for an orchestration of power, a living city is turned into a dead scenery. The main performance is the illusion that the political elites of global capitalism have everything well under control, that they are somehow capable of providing security, peace, livelihood and a real future perspective to the people of the world.
        But we are witnessing the exact opposite: the prevailing world order is a further escalating world disorder of brutal social inequality, structurally embedded sexism and racism, ecological destruction and spreading wars.
       Millions of people are forced to flee, billions are struggling to survive and the number of people that is affected by precarisation is continuously rising, also here in Germany. At the same time a small global upper class is getting richer and richer.
         The political representatives of this world disorder want to come to Hamburg: Erdogan from Turkey, Putin from Russia, the cold putschist Temer from Brasil, and if we are unlucky also Donald Trump.
       There also aren’t a lot of good things to say about the governments of China or India. And the so very democratic governments of western Europe? They are the ones that build walls and fences and coldly let fleeing people drown at sea. We will show them that they are not welcome in Hamburg!
        In many political groups and spectres the reflections on how to organize the necessary protests and actions against the G20 Summit have already begun. There are many different approaches: Some care about the right to the city, others about climate policy, to others flight and migration or capitalism as a whole matters. There are ideas such as a counter summit, a major demonstration, or disobedient actions around the conference venue or in the whole city.
No matter what the criticism of the G20 Summit is precisely based on, no matter what actions or forms of expression are prefered, the protest can only be a success if we are able to make the possibility of a different world, a world of justice and solidarity, appear in them. And if the protest are complementary rather than in opposition to each other.
        That needs arrangements and a lot of communication between the summits opponents.
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  1. Every time the G20 meets, there are multiple demonstrations and protests around it with the same results ... until the next meeting. Maybe it's time to rethink the strategy to follow. In this sense, I suggest the opposite, that is, that everyone withdraws as far as possible from the place of the meeting, as if we all fled from a stinking place (which in fact it is).

  2. A number of years ago I wrote a post saying much the same thing. That all activist should resit from going to the G20 but instead should organise within their own cities, across the globe, bringing home to their local communities what the G20 really is and why it exists. I believe it would be much more productive in bring home to the public at large what this is all about. Reach the masses, not the leaders.

  3. This Land ~ rewritten

    come gather round me, hear my sad story
    I know you think you've heard some one sing it before me but it's an old song, I had to change it times ain't what they used to be
    as I went walking that super highway
    below the gray haze and sooted skyway
    I was arrested for hitch hiking on the freeway they said it don't belong to me
    it ain't my land and it ain't your land
    could be a rich land but it's a poor land
    'cause of the few that hold it in their tight-gripped hand so that it don't belong to you or me

    when I was younger and in my schooling
    I learned and followed by all the rulings
    I never dreamed that they were only fooling
    how could my teachers lie to me?
    but as time passed and I grew older
    and the world around me got a little colder
    I heard a voice came calling at my shoulder
    said it don't belong to you or me
    it ain't my land and it ain't your land
    could be a rich land but it's a poor land
    'cause of the few that hold it in their tight-gripped hand so that it don't belong to you or me

    from the board rooms of corporations
    to the back roads of desperate situations
    it's a confused and dis-united nation
    all the way from sea to shining sea
    from the urban war zones of the busted street lights to the toxic waste lands of Nevada Test Sites from the open strip mines to the clear cut forests oh it's a sad sight to see
    I see the downsize, I see the layoffs
    the corporate welfare, politician's payoffs
    I see the breadlines that never make the headlines 'cause they're no so entertaining on TV when they can reduce you to just a number when they can knock you down and they can plow you under and when the only thing that matters is the dollar
    then you know it don't belong to you or me

    it ain't my land and it ain't your land
    could be a rich land but it's a poor land
    'cause of the few that hold it in their tight-gripped hand so that it don't belong to you or me

    there was a time when this song was greater
    but that was then, and this is later
    and there's a hole in my heart that's like a crater and they say it's gonna be the death of me let's take this song back, let's take this country take back our future, it's our duty let's stand up tall so that everyone can see then this land will belong to you and me
    and it will be your land and it will be my land from California to the New York Island
    from the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters this land will belong to you and me!

  4. I want to share this with you, comrade. Surely you knew him, but just in case, here is a real artist and activist. I hope you enjoy it.

  5. He shared the stage with Dick Gaughan, in London 2014. artists with powerful weapons in their words and music.