Sunday, 5 March 2017

Self Determination Will Be Ours.

        All people desire freedom and the right to self determination, in this world of capitalism unbelievably few people have those desires satisfied. However, more and more people are awakening to the reality that nobody can give you these heart felt desires, you have to take them for yourself. Over the centuries appealing to those with wealth and power to be a bit more liberal in sharing that wealth and power has proved useless, we are still governed by that wealth and power, our lives are still shaped and controlled by that wealth and power. One thing we can be sure of is that the desire for freedom and the right to self determination will not disappear, nor will that control over us remain intact, it will break. It is already cracking and crumbling as across the planet people are coming together and no longer demanding, but taking that freedom and fighting for that right to self determination. You can name you country and there will be growing resistance to state and corporate control over our lives. Some of this struggle manifests itself in small groups, sporadic clashes with authority, others are long and fierce battles that face the full armoury of the state, costing lives. No matter how small or how large, how prolonged or short, all of these struggles strengthen in the consciousness of the people, that never dying desire for freedom and the right to self determination.
      One of the many struggles that our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, never thought fit to report on is the long running struggle in Hidalgo, in Mexico, which flared up in intensity at the beginning of this year, and this recent uprising is one that cost the lives, by police bullets, of at least two of those in struggle.
This from Ruptura Collectiva:

       Although social-democrats and opportunists like Gerardo Fernández Noroña, John Ackerman and Javier Solalinde (El Padre Solalinse) have moved to preach peace in times of war and the importance of the electoral process, in the community assembly there are community members and affinity groups that are working hard to direct the struggle toward autonomy. They are working toward the total self-management of life in the municipality, to rupture the dependence of people on political representatives. “Nobody will come and save us.”
         There are some complaints against the mass media that talk of “chaos”, a “conflict” or a “final battle” in what clearly was the direct expression of class antagonism in an act of extermination against totally legitimate protest.
        On January 19th, more than 2000 people marched in the city of Pachuca. They protested outside the congress to demand dialogue with the deputies that have approved the structural reforms: the media again, almost jokingly, said that the protestors “retained”, “cornered”, or “kidnapped” deputies. What side are the independent journalists on? They are small seeds that the people are planting, in order to move towards communicative autonomy, leaving paid and self-referenced cartoons to the “specialists of communication.”
        After the insurrection, the organizational activities increased. On Sunday, January 15th, the state gathering “No to the gasolinazo” was celebrated with the participation of dozens of delegates from Hidalgo, teachers of the CNTE and people from other struggles in the country. On the 19th a march in Pachuca took place which culminated in the already mentioned “popular kidnapping” of deputies of the PRI. On Sunday the 22nd of January, workers from various multinational stores and institutions affected by the blockades, marched to demand that the “rioters open our centers of work”. For their part, the people of Ixmiquilpan gathered in the parking lot of the Comercial Mexicana to continue directing the routes of movement.

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