Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Human, A Vegetarian Animal.

        Is vegetarianism a call back to our natural state, is carnivorism the root cause of our brutal history and our continuing macho society? An interesting article from arrezafe, that certainly makes a strong case for that argument. The translation is not great but certainly readable.   
      Like their closest relatives, the great apes, man is basically a fruitarian animal, but with the advantageous option carnivorism. So advantageous that probably saved us from extinction, because when scarce plant foods (for example, because of an ice age or desertification of forests) can be fatal rely solely on them.
       The need to get meat in times of severe famine took our remote ancestors to form groups of hunters armed with sticks and stones and prepared to work together in order to increase their chances of success against large dams (the most desirable, but also the most dangerous). And this successful survival strategy had several side effects.
      One was the domestication of some wolves and jackals who spontaneously began to participate in the hunt to take the bones and other parts that men would not eat (it did not possess the powerful jaws of carnivores and their digestive systems specialist). The ancestors of our dogs helped locate and harass the prey, and in return a portion of the loot they took. That man found his best friend.
      Another consequence of the hunting team was surely the exaltation of violence and increasing social prestige of brute force, thereby relegating women (less corpulent and often limited in physical activity for long periods of gestation ) and the consolidation of male camaraderie. To collect fruits should not be very strong: women, and even children can do as well or better than men; but to face a buffalo or a mammoth should be well provided with muscles and testosterone.
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