Thursday, 29 November 2012


       Quite often, from that babbling brook of bullshit, the media, we hear about the economic hardship being faced by people in Greece, Spain and even now and again hints of what is happening here. Seldom are we told of the misery and deprivation in America. After all, it is the world's biggest economy, the pinnacle of corporate capitalism, so things must be better there, right? Well not quite, a recent Reuters report states that due to the “sub-prime mortgage crisis” (corporate greed) and the stratospheric rise in foreclosures of owner occupier houses, there is now a record number of vacant homes in that land of freedom and opportunity. It seems that the number of vacant homes in America now numbers more than 18.6 million, and according to the national Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, there are 3.5 million homeless people in America. So, that should mean that the homeless problem is solved, each homeless person now has more than 5 homes from which to make a choice of that basic right, a roof over your head!!! Of course it won't happen, so it is obvious that in that land of plenty, the the capital of corporate capitalism, the system is just as screwed up as any other capitalist country. Another little fact from the land of opportunity, there is no other city in the developed world with a greater divide between rich and poor than New York. The bottom 20% of its citizens get by with less than $10,000 a year, you can guess what the top 20% have to struggle by with in glitzy New York, New York??

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