Wednesday, 21 November 2012


      I keep going on about the worst is yet to come, and keep pointing to Greece stating that it is not the exception, it is the pattern of the future. All the crap from our millionaire suits in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, about reducing the deficit and increasing growth, is an attempt at a feel-good factor, it is an illusion. After two years of Millionaire Osborne's master plan of screw the poor and reduce the debt, it is obvious that it is now in complete disarray. The latest figures have shattered even the economic "experts" by the size of the increase in government borrowing. The only growth is in the number of firms going bust and the number just holding for the meantime. That babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, still keep up the fantasy that Greece is the problem, if only we could sort that lot out, everything would be just right. Well, their stock and trade is bullshit, so what do you expect from them? Believe me, the worst is yet to come.
This from A World to Win:

'Zombie capitalism' more dead than alive

     You don’t have to listen too closely to hear the sound of factory gates slamming for the last time, and shutters rolling down over retail outlets. Consumer electrical chain Comet is just one amongst the many household names facing up to the consequences of the accelerating global contraction.
    Closing down sales are in progress across the country and thousands upon thousands of jobs are disappearing. Close to 2,000 of its former employees will be on the streets by the end of November.  
    Workers for iconic brands in every sector are under attack. Alongside Comet comes Hovis. Premier foods, owner of Hovis which it acquired in 2007 with the purchase of Rank Hovis McDougall is struggling with £1 billion of debt. The debt burden was much bigger until it was forced to sell Branston Pickle to the Japanese Mizkan group and Hartley’s jam to the marvellously-named US-based Hain Celestial.
     This summer’s extreme weather around the world devastated crops, driving wheat prices towards the stars, and pushing the cost of Premier’s bread beyond the reach of the Co-op which then cancelled its contract. 
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