Tuesday, 13 November 2012


    There will be demonstrations in all major cities in the UK and across Europe on Wednesday 14. Glasgow will have two demonstrations in the city centre on that day as part of the pan-European day of action. It is encouraging to see that the people of Europe are beginning to mobilise on continental basis rather than a city or country wide manner as in the past. It will take a united European working class to change this money and market drive system to one of justice and equality. We have had enough of being told the markets this and the markets that, and the markets are unhappy or the markets are happy, who the fuck are the markets? They are no more than a bunch of extremely rich and very greedy individuals who want more of the public purse.

The first event will be: 
Glasgow George Square, 12:30 to 1:30.

     On Wednesday 14th November trade unionists in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain are joining a southern European General Strike against Austerity. Workers in other countries are organising protests too. It is important that we here in Britain show solidarity as we face the same attacks
Glasgow City UNISON, UNITE Scottish Housing Association, UNITE Scottish Rank and File M & E Construction Workers and UNITE 7/600 branches are calling upon all trade unionists and campaigners to join lunchtime leafleting and petitioning in George Square, opposite the City Chambers, to show support for the European strikes and to demonstrate our own opposition to welfare and public spending cuts here. So come along, bring your sandwiches and say no to Austerity! 
     Supported by BARAC, Black Triangle, Coalition of Resistance, Defend Glasgow Services, Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, Right to Work Campaign, Save the Accord, Stop the War (Glasgow), Youth Fight for Jobs. Bring your banners. Trade union and campaign speakers. 12.30 to 1.30pm  
    For more info/ to add your organisation's name to the list of supporters/ sponsors contact Glasgow City UNISON, 84 Bell Street, Candleriggs, Glasgow, G1 1LQ
Tel: 0141 5527069 or enquiries@glasgowcityunison.co.uk

The second event will be:
George Square under threat of privatisation!
On November 14th there will be general strikes in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Malta. The ETUC [European Trade Union Confederation] is calling for solidarity action throughout Europe.
At the same time, a panel will be selecting the winner of a design competition for the effective privatisation of George Square on Monday, with a rapid schedule of ‘redevelopment’ in place thereafter. The council itself has admitted that such development will potentially shut off the square to the public for two years.
    Across Europe people are taking action in squares against austerity - we need to keep George Square as a place for protest. George Square has been a historic sight of protest going back to 'Red Clydeside' in 1919

George Square 1919.

        We have changed the rally to a march from Donald Dewar Statue to George Square. The Glasgow Defence Campaign has been holding meetings about the 'redevelopment' of George Square. For more information check out their website at: http://glasgowdefencecampaign.blogspot.co.uk/
     This includes the council's sham 'consultation' document which clearly outlines their aim to prevent public assembly in the square.


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