Saturday, 17 November 2012


     I find it amazing that as our lords and masters inflict more and more "austerity" on us a vast majority of the general public think this is something new. Somehow there are those out there under the impression that somehow the system has hit a glitch and our millionaire friends in the cabinet have had to take very unusual action. They seem to see what is happening as something temporary and want things to get back to "normal". Well history tells us, this is "normal" nothing has changed, it is all a matter of degree, wealth has always flowed upwards to the leeches and parasites that sit on our backs. It is just that at the present time it has accelerated considerably. If we look at history, even this acceleration is not new. 
      After the first world war we the ordinary people were, as usual, in shitsville, with high unemployment, poverty and deprivation, industrial relations were in turmoil. In 1922, our then lords and masters, in order to resolve the problem,  decided to commission a report, which when produced was known as the Geddes report. Its recommendations were in line with the usual answers from the Leeches Legion. It recommended heavy cuts in education, public health and workers' benefits, sound familiar? We all know that four years later, 1926, Britain workers were involved in the general strike. Must we wait another four years?

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