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       So what is new in this latest show of Israeli aggression? It is part and parcel of the Zionist aims to have all the land that God promised them. Yes, according to the Zionist, away back thousands of years ago, when they were an ancient roaming tribe, God told them that this land was theirs. The problem being that there are millions of people living on these lands, so they have to be removed. And there will be no peace as long as this idiotic claim is at the root of their Zionist government policy. Bit by bit the land of Palestine is disappearing and being settled by fundamentalist Jews, the Palestinian people are the problem, to have God's promise fulfilled, these people have to go, be destroyed, eliminated or call it what you will. This latest onslaught against the Palestinian people is just another step in that direction. In my way of thinking, the word genocide seems to fit. 

Of course you need God's blessing before you kill.

      The last major Israeli assault on the Palestinian people of Gaza was December 27 2008, in what the Israeli state called Operation Cast Lead. As usual with the Israeli state, the action was claimed to be in response rockets being fired from Gaza, and as usual the response was totally and utterly disproportionate. It was state blanket repression of an entire people. It was referred to in most places a a massacre. It involved a co-ordinated attack by land artillery, air bombardment and shelling from the sea. On January 3 the      Israeli state ground forces moved in and attacked many densely populated areas. Gaza was literally cut in two. The operation was ended on January 18 and the withdrawal of Israeli ground forces was complete by January 21. In that short period of brutal overwhelming firepower, it is estimated that 1,400 Palestinians died and 13 Israelis.

      In the 2006 Israeli invasion of the Lebanon, Israel declared all of Lebanon south of the Litani River a kill zone. Within this entire twenty mile area of Lebanon, anyone who was in a vehicle would be targeted and destroyed by the Israeli state terrorist forces. People in villages across the south of the country, who were already without food or water, were unable to flee the bombing or get medical aid.
         Between 1968 and 1974, the Lebanese government registered 3,000 attacks on Lebanon by the Israel state apparatus, which resulted in the brutal murder of 880 Lebanese and Palestinian civilians.
           Of course the attacks on Lebanon by the Israeli state did not start in 1968 with the attack on Beirut airport and the destruction of the Lebanese civilian air fleet. The Israeli aggression started much earlier. Between 1949 and 1964 there were 140 Israeli attacks on Lebanese villages and towns. Some of these attacks include, on July 24th. 1950 a Lebanese civilian plane shot down by Israeli planes, October 1950, Israeli state forces fired on Lebanese civilians killing four at the village of Yarun. In 1959 Israeli state forces hijacked three planes, two civilian planes and one Lebanese military jet, and forced them to land in Israel On August 27th. 1959 Israeli state forces killed one woman and destroyed two houses and three bridges during an Israeli terrorist infiltration into South Lebanon. June 14th 1968 saw the Israeli state terrorists bomb Mays Al-Jabal in South Lebanon and injured 56 people. After the Israeli state terrorist attack on Beirut airport in 1968 their occupation forces killed 11 Palestinians in the ‘Arqub region.
        After 1968 the Israeli state terrorist attacks became so numerous that they would fill the pages of a Glasgow telephone directory. The Israel state apparatus has been attacking and killing Lebanese and Palestinians long before the formation of Hezbollah and the PLO.
         The 2006 Israeli aggression, saw more than 1,000 bombs dropped on 9th August 2006 on Khiyam alone, destroyed the entire infra-structure of Lebanon, killed over 1,000 Lebanese, mainly women and children, children making up almost 50% of those murders. Lets not forget the countless children killed in Gaza over the years of Israeli aggression. During this period the Israeli deaths are in the low hundreds mostly soldiers.
         This is the record of a state that is held up by the Western states as the only democratic state in the Middle East. If this is democracy, who wants it. This is the usual state imperialism doing what it always does, expand and control, brute force while proclaiming democracy, killing while waving the flag of peace. Territory and resources are the aim, people are expendable.

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