Tuesday, 20 November 2012


      Some of you young ones might not know of this giant of a man, here he is singing of another giant of a man. Paul Robeson, born April 9th. 1898, was the son of a former slave, won a scholarship to Rutgers University, a brilliant student and for a short term was a lawyer. Became politically active for civil rights and was involved in Council on African Affairs, (CCA). He was an incredible actor/singer and played Othello on Broadway, no one actor has ever given more performances in a Shakespearean play. He gave a concert in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. After WW2 the CCA was placed on the Attorney General's list of Subversive Organisations, this brought him to the attention of  the infamous McCarthy during the McCarthyism era.   
     He refused to recant his beliefs, was refused an international visa, and his income fell dramatically, After this he lived in Harlem and published a periodical that was critical of American policies. The case of Kent V. Dulles brought about the restoration of his right to travel, However soon after this his health deteriorated and he died in January 23rd. 1976.

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