Thursday, 15 November 2012


      One of the factors in this onslaught on the people of Europe is the fact that in this country and others, no more so in Greece, there has been signs of rapid growth in at least one sector of the economy, pawnshops. As people become more and more desperate in their struggle to survive they start to dispose of all their precious possessions. Everything from jewelry to sentimental family heirlooms. In their desperation they will accept a pittance for them from the leeches that run these establishments, who will in turn go on to live a life of luxury on the backs of the poor. Normal practice for this system. 

      The poster below comes from the “Network of tangible solidarity and resistance” of the city of Chalkida, as a response to the pawnshops (gold-haggling shops) that have mushroomed all across the country recently.

 It reads:

I Buy gold. 
Jewelry, teeth, wedding rings,
badges, baptism crosses, relics,
memories, belongings and dignity.
Because I know you are desperate.
I know you can’t afford your housing tax,
your kid’s tuition, your medicine, your food.
I know that you are in despair and that you don’t know
how to resist, that you’re scared.
I know, therefore, that you’ll take whatever I give you
and that you’ll even thank me on top.
Yesterday a black-marketeer, 
Today a pawnbroker,
Always filth. 
– Chalkida Network of tangible solidarity and resistance 

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