Thursday, 15 November 2012


     The debate rages, but are we all properly informed or are we emotionally taking sides like in a faith thing, is climate change a religion where you follow one church or the other. Are we informed or manipulated, where does the truth lie? An interesting article from The Libertarian Alliance:
Dear Roger Harrabin,
   Re-reading your memo below reminds me that there is now a considerable debate as to whether the BBC have been even handed, or not, regarding the all important issue of Climate Change, or more accurately the extent that CO2 emissions have on any such change.
    In the interests of the impartiality that the BBC desperately wish to show, so as to be conforming with the Royal Charter that guarantees your independence, would you please give publicity to the following:-
    I have no commercial or vested interest whatever in these issues but, as a scientist trained by ICI in the 1950s I merely seek for a true presentation.
    We are being told to sacrifice our standard of living to reduce the quantity of CO2 in our atmosphere. How big a factor is CO2 in our atmosphere?
     It surprises everyone I ask when they learn that this beneficial trace gas is 0.037% of our atmosphere. The line would be so thin on a pie chart as to be near invisible. Not only is CO2 a benign gas it is essential for all pant life and we need 7% of it in our lungs to live. Furthermore it is at an historically low level. So how can this minuscule quantity of trace gas affect our climate? As common sense and real science tells us it cannot and does not!
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