Thursday, 29 November 2012


      Iain Duncan Smith, our well heeled, Works and Pensions Secretary, recently stated that poverty was the result of “ worklessness and welfare dependency, addiction, educational failure, debt or family breakdown” Strange that he should put worklessness first, considering that recent figures show that in this country we have more than 6 million working families living in poverty. We also have approximately 5 million adults living in poverty from homes where nobody works. So bang goes that theory that if you are unemployed and you get a job, whizz-bang, you're out of poverty. Another little fact about working gets you out of poverty, almost one third of children living in poverty in this country, come from working homes.
     It is obvious to any ordinary person that in-work poverty is as much a problem as is out of work poverty, in this system of capitalism. Even the apoligists for capitalism can't help but see that when you have one fifth of women and one seventh of men working for less than £7 an hour, you are goping to have working families in poverty. The situation is getting worse by the month, as “austerity” bites, and incomes shrink, more and more people are having to claim “tax credits”, (tax payers subsides to employers who don't pay a living wage).
     There is also the wild claim that our country is riddled with families who have never worked, yet the true figures state that only 2% of all working age households contain no one who has never worked.
     Of course their ideological thinking to create a UK sweatshop economy, pushes them to say, get them off benefit and into work and the poverty problem is solved, it would not cross their tiny twisted minds to say that they are being paid too little. Nor do they open their eyes to the fact that shouting about getting people into work, when there are no jobs, doesn't fit rational thinking. Then again, this is capitalism and those making the legislation are mainly millionaires with bundles of shares in the corporate world and a vested interest to keep wages down and profits up to fatten there bank accounts and those of their shareholder friends.

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