Wednesday, 7 November 2012


    This action is called for Thursday November 8th. in spite of the short notice I hope you will all give it your support. Why should a charity that claims to care for children do the state's dirty work?

     The No Borders Network has called for a 'day of action' against the charity Barnardo's, to highlight their involvement in state-sanctioned child abuse.

    The 'UK's leading children's charity' continues to facilitate Cedars, the mock-Tudor version of Yarl's Wood and Dungavel, despite repeated breaches of the charity's own 'red line' basic standards for involvement. These breaches include the use of physical force to remove "a pregnant woman, posing an unacceptable risk to the unborn child", "intimidating behaviour", "offensive language and gestures" and "inappropriate language" on the part of staff, and a parent being "asked questions about torture and self-harm in front of her children" (HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, 2012). Barnardo's staff were intimately involved in incidents of physical coercion being used in forced removals, parting parents and children in a fashion criticised by the prisons inspectorate's report.

     Locally, No Borders Glasgow has asked for a presence at Barnardo's premises at 250 Great Western Road and 116 Dumbarton Road.

No Borders callout:

    Comment from NCADC on HMPI report:

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