Monday, 5 November 2012


     Well tomorrow hurricane Sandy will slide from our consciousness, all that mayhem and misery will disappear from the “babbling brook of bullshit”, commonly called the mainstream media, there are more important things to report. Tomorrow is the culmination of the biggest, most expensive ever, Crooks and Liars competition. Yes, $6 billion, I'll repeat that, $6 billion, spent on helping the American people to decide whether they should vote for Coke or Pepsi. Each contestant in this Crooks and Liars competition claiming that if the American people vote for the other, the world will collapse and the Apocalypse will be upon us all. 

      Once the decision is made, and the new mouthpiece of corporate imperialism takes his place on the throne at the White House, no matter who, the same old, same old shit will continue. There will be wars dotted around, which we will be told is our way of bombing democracy into those people fortunate to be picked by our imperial masters. Most of those chosen, will of course have oil and/or gas on their land, but that doesn't influence our decision to bomb them into democracy. Poverty will continue to grow across the world, while the corporate world continues to get richer and richer. The army of parasites will sink deeper and deeper into the froth of opulence, while the vast majority sink further into the mire of poverty and deprivation. Then in four years when the shine has worn off the residing Pope of Plutocracy, the merry-go-round will start up again, the billions of dollars will once again flow, and the spectacle of the Crooks and Liars competition will repeat itself. And so the cycle goes on, our reward for allowing ourselves to be screwed big time is this very expensive illusion of change, every four or five years depending on where you live. Can you think of a better way to shape our society?

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