Monday, 5 November 2012


       No matter the will of the people, no matter the harsh brutality of their legislation, no matter that deprivation runs rampant through the country, the Greek government, the supposed representatives of the people, will put the stamp of legitimacy on the next batch of "austerity" cuts, in order to placate their overlords the Troika, that gang of three, ECB, (European Corrupt Banksters) IMF, (International Mankind Fuckers) and the EC, (Endemic Corruption).
      The Greek people are not taking this lying down, this week there are numerous industrial actions across the country, but the battle needs the support of all the people of Europe. Only solidarity across the continent can bring down this stinking edifice of greed and corruption.

 Angry taxi drivers outside the offices of Deputy Prime Minister, Thessaloniki.
     As the Greek government sends its harshest austerity bill yet to parliament, taxi drivers in the city of Thessaloniki kick off a week of widespread protests and strikes that promises to bring the nation to a halt Thessaloniki, Greece.
    Shouting "thieves and traitors" hundreds of Greek taxi drivers marched through the centre of the country's second largest city, kicking off a week of strikes and protests aimed at preventing the passage of the government harshest austerity bill to date.
    The three day strike by taxi drivers is just part of a series of industrial actions planned by workers in both the public and private sector. In particular the transport sector is set to be hit particularly hard as air traffic controllers, ferry crews, public transport drivers and train company employees will be participating in the 48 general strike called for Tuesday and Wednesday.
    Mass protests by trade unions and political parties across the spectrum outside the Greek parliament in central Athens have also been announced to coincide with the vote on Wednesday.
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