Saturday, 3 January 2015

Caesar Is Dead, Long Live-------!!!

     2015, what does it hold, how do you predict this in a world controlled by a ruthless financial Mafia? How will the festering Western imperialism shape up in a world of shifting powers? I have always believed that the collapse of American imperialism is much closer than most people think. Could this be the year, if so what next? Widespread mayhem and violence, continuous wars as the financial/corporate scum brutally fight for control of the ruins? Who will be calling the shots, will it be a new Caesar, a new Attila? Or will the people seize their moment and turn the wilderness into  garden? We have the imagination and the ability, the opportunity will present itself, do we have the will power?

    A fascinating and insightful article on the subject of the collapse of what he calls Anglo-Imperialism,  from ClubOrlov:

Image by Leon Kuhn
• When the British got tossed out of their American Colonies, they did all they could, using a combination of import preferences and British “soft power,” to bolster the plantation economy of the American South, helping set it up as a sort of anti-United States, and the eventual result was the American Civil War.

• When the British got tossed out of Ireland, they set up Belfast as a sort of anti-Ireland, with much blood shed as a result.

• When the British got tossed out of the Middle East, they set up the State of Israel, then the US made it into its own protectorate, and it has been poisoning regional politics ever since. (Thanks to Kristina for pointing this out in the comments.)

• When the British got tossed out of India, they set up Pakistan, as a sort of anti-India, precipitating a nasty hot war, followed by a frozen conflict over Kashmir.

• When the US lost China to the Communists, they evacuated the Nationalists to Taiwan, and set it up as a sort of anti-China, and even gave it China's seat at the United Nations.

     The goal is always the same: if they can't have the run of the place, they make sure that nobody else can either, by setting up a conflict scenario that nobody there can ever hope to resolve. And so if you see Anglo-imperialists going out of their way and spending lots of money to poison the political well somewhere in the world, you can be sure that they are on their way out. Simply put, they don't spend lots of money to set up intractable problems for themselves to solve—it's always done for the benefit of others.
Well worth reading the full article:
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