Friday, 16 January 2015

Sneaky Dave At It Again.

       The Oxbridge millionaire cabal sitting in the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption, have been working hard, not of course in our interest, but the interests of their millionaire corporate buddies. The prince of parasites and defender of deceit, Cameron, is doing his damnedest, to gratify the desires of his masters in the financial Mafia, who have their fingers in the oil industry, by pushing the full-steam ahead button on the fracking laws. Nothing must stand in the way of the money-junkies as they hunger for their next fix, gorging on fracking profit.
     Though with the Saudi’s torpedoing the price of oil to try to sink the fracking competition, the fracking junkies may never get their hit. Never the less we have to be vigilant.
      Wow -- David Cameron's plan to force fracking on us just hit a new low. The prime minister wants to change the law to allow fracking firms to drill under our homes. But now he's fast-tracking his plan through Parliament at a blistering rate.
       Only a HUGE backlash from our MPs can stop him -- and we've got just days to make it happen. Can you tell your MP to vote against the prime minister's plans to force fracking on us?
    Sign the urgent petition to all MPs:

    Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking as it's often known, is a controversial process where a high-pressure mix of water, sand and chemicals is blasted underground to release trapped gas and oil.
     It's already been banned in France and Bulgaria, and just last month New York joined the list of US states that have taken action to stop the industry.
      Despite massive public opposition, David Cameron is determined to bring fracking to the UK. And right now he's on the cusp of changing our laws to make it easier to roll it out.
   But the prime minister's plan can't get the go ahead without approval from MPs -- and inside the halls of Westminster, a backlash is starting. The Scottish National Party and the Green Party have spoken out against Cameron's plan. Amongst Labour and the Lib Dems voices of dissent are on the rise, while Conservatives are feeling increasingly nervous as we approach the election.
      MPs will vote on the issue before the end of this month -- that's far earlier than expected and a move that would slash the time for debate and scrutiny.
    152,000 people have already asked their MP to vote against Cameron's plan, but we'll be even stronger if thousands more join in. Can you quickly sign?
     We're piling the pressure on before the crucial vote. Alongside our friends at 38 Degrees and Friends of the Earth, teams of volunteers will visit several MPs at their offices -- handing over our petition face-to-face. And then next week, we'll double our impact by sending letters to every single Westminster MP -- telling them who's signed the petition in their constituency, and calling on them to vote down Cameron's plan.
     Together we'll make this petition unmissable, so if you haven't yet, please sign today:

With all my thanks,

    PS I know you've received a few emails from Greenpeace this week and I hope you're not feeling too overloaded. I wanted to let you know about this urgent news as the new law that will make us powerless to oppose fracking under our homes is being rushed through at an alarming rate -- so we must act fast. Please sign: 
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