Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Common Man.

     I always think that a little poetry can say a lot. This on is one from a favourite poet of mine. Joe Corrie.
 Joe Corrie, miner, 1884-1968.

I am the common man,
    I am the brute and the slave,
I am the fool, the despised,
    From the cradle to the grave.

I am the hewer of coal,
    I am the tiller of soil,
I am the serf of the seas,
    Born to bear and to toil.

I am the builder of halls,
    I am the dweller of slums,
I am the filth and the scourge,
    When winter's depression comes.

I am the fighter of wars,
    I am the killer of men,
Not for a day or an age,
    But again, and again, and again.

I am the common man,
    But Master, oh! Take you heed,
For you have put in my head
    Many a wicked deed.

I am the slave and the brute,
    And my hands are a strong as steel,
Oh! Master, how will you fare
    When down at my feet you kneel?

Joe Corrie. 

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