Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Guilty Of Having The Wrong Book!!!

        The charges against the Spanish anarchists arrested in the state's Operation Pandora, should have red lights flashing in the minds and hearts of all those who value freedom and privacy. Among the charges levelled at those arrested are "possessing certain books" useing "encrypted email" and "the production of publications and forms of communication". How many activists involved in legitimate and peaceful activities, would fall foul of one or more of those categories? You can rest assured that if the Spanish state gets away with this Orwellian performance, it will become the norm, here and in other states across Europe. Possessing a book, no matter how bizarre that book, does not make you a criminal, useing encrypted email is normal practice among most businesses, why should an individual be prosecuted for doing the same? Operation Pandora may be in Spain and it might be a dozen or so individuals, but it has implications for us all, it should not be allowed to slip in under the radar, or we set a precedent for further and future tyranny by the state.
      Match this up with the line-up of hypocritical leaders marching in Paris the other day, spouting "Je suis Charlie" and mouthing platitudes about the freedom of speech. Among them Cameron, our own home bred millionaire hypocrite, who sits on the throne in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption. No doubt he would have had a conversation with the Spanish Prime Minister asking about how Operation Pandora was going.  

      On Thursday December 16 a large-scale police operation took place in the Spanish State. Fourteen homes and community centers were registered in Barcelona, ​​Sabadell, Manresa, and Madrid. Books, pamphlets and computers were seized and eleven people were arrested and sent to the Audiencia Nacional, a special jury for cases of "national interest" in Madrid. They are accused of incorporation, promotion, management and participation in a terrorist organization. However, defense lawyers denounce lack of transparency, customers have had to declare without knowing what they are accused. "They talk about terrorism without specifying specific criminal acts, or individual facts attributed to each" (2). When asked why, Judge Bermudez said "I'm not investigating specific facts, I am researching the organization, and the threat it might pose in the future" (1); making this another case of preventive detention in appearance.--------
     -----The European Parliament report on the surveillance program NSA US States that "privacy is not a right of luxury, but the foundation of a free and democratic society" (3). Recent revelations about the extent of the violation of the right to privacy of all by States show that everything that can spy, will be spied (4). Moreover, we know that criminalize people for using privacy tools have a chilling effect on everyone, and human rights defenders, journalists, and activists in particular. Give up your basic right to privacy by the fear of being labeled as terrorist is unacceptable.
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