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What Is On Your Bookshelf???

      Spain's "Operation Pandora" is no more than the fascist state defending its corporate foundations. It was on December 16th. that the state moved in and kidnapped 11 comrades, in a wave of dawn raids in towns and cities across Spain (earlier articles here and here). Seven of those comrades are still held in captivity, you can find a list of their names and prison addresses here on actforfree, letters and cards of solidarity would show them that they are not alone.
   According to the prosecutor, the evidence against them includes finding numerous copies of the book, "Against Democracy", which is a theoretical critique of contemporary democracy rather than a “terror manual”. Be careful what you have on your bookshelf in this age of corporate power, we could be re-entering the era of book burning.

    Rabble has released an English translation of the preface of the book, the following is an extract from that translation: 
    ----------In democracy we give up our interests, the satisfaction of our needs and the organisation of human relations and of life, into the hands of others. By means of the vote we supposedly choose those who can better represent our interests, but here we collide with reality: the political parties defend their own interests in accordance with the rules they themselves have established, they seek to accumulate levels of economic and political power in order to maintain their domination and influence on the rest of society-----
     -------In this historical moment the various political leaders have no opposed interests, apart from gestures. All should promote the structure of the state in which capital develops, and apply policies according to the needs of the market not of people. Indeed, in many cases the politicians are direct beneficiaries as they themselves belong to the business class. We have all been silent witnesses of how the government has injected millions of euros to the banks while most people do not have work or are suffering from evictions. We are also accustomed to hearing how the webs of corruption directly tie together economics and politics. Without mincing words and with little concern to hide the reality from the population, Emilio Botín [chairman of Santander bank, died of a heart attack in September 2014] says: “above certain levels the relation between business and politics is direct, much more than people suspect, a direct phone call from mobile to mobile without any secretaries in between”. When it comes time to legislate, democracy is based not on common interest but on company interests.
       For these reasons we conclude that democracy is not the government of the people but the masquerade behind which hides the dictatorship of capital.
Read the full preface HERE: 

 The entire book (92 pages) is available in Spanish here.

     Here are links to some articles on the case, translated by contrainfo:
“Operation Pandora: Democracy imprisons 7 more anarchists” by Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth 22 December
Letter from anarchist prisoner Monica Caballero to the imprisoned comrades “Pandora’s box and the hotchpotch of Spanish anti-terrorism” 18 December
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