Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The World Is Our Village.

       In Greece, the fat cats are running with their carpet bags full of money and exiting the country. It is estimated that €16 billion has left the country since Christmas. That's a helluva hole in the finances of a small country up to its neck in debt. These are the individuals and institutions that want to milk Greece, but believe that it is no longer a safe bet. This will be part of the plan of the financial Mafia, bleed it in to submission, as it is every time a left leaning government gets power. All that matters to the moguls in charge of the financial Mafia is that their finances are protected, and the people can go to hell in a hand cart, as far as they are concerned. The only game in town is to play their game or get the shit kicked out of you. Hence, socialism in one country gets strangled at birth. Borders have to fall, and people have to think globally.

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