Thursday, 1 January 2015

There Is No Going Back.

      2014 was a year of rising unrest, across the globe, neo-liberal/corporatism ran wild, sparking wars, spawning devastation and creating poverty for millions. People lost faith with the usual channels of governance, and took to the streets, in many areas the establishment felt threatened and fanned the rise of fascism. States lurched violently to the right in an act of self preservation. What is becoming ever more obvious is that there can be no return to the "old ways", people have lost their fear, and are no longer demanding change, but creating that change. It will not be an easy road, as the avenues of the left grow in strength and confidence, so the establishment with fear at its heart will strengthen the forces of the right. Repression will be more open, the gloves will be off, the control structure of the existing system will not relinquish its power willingly.

     The choice is limited, we either buckle under and allow the power of the financial Mafia to control all aspects of our lives, or we strengthen our resolve to finally smash  this corrupt, repressive system that is a weaver of illusions, a cancer on humanity, and a destroyer of freedom and justice.

    In many respects, 2014 was a very dark year. Between Israel’s monstrous war on Gaza to the shooting down of a civilian aircraft over the Ukraine, and from the world’s appalling inaction in the face of the ebola outbreak in West Africa on to the thousands of migrants who drowned off the Mediterranean coast this year, there seemed to be little to be hopeful or excited about. Some of the most spectacular mobilizations, from the Euromaidan revolt in Ukraine and the royalist rebellion and military coup in Thailand to the middle class protests that rocked Venezuela, originated not from the left but from the right.
But 2014 also witnessed the steady rise of new progressive forces. In Greece, the conservative-led government just collapsed over its failure to appoint a new president, triggering snap elections to be held on January 25, with the radical left party Syriza slated to win. In Spain, meanwhile, the new leftist party Podemos was founded in January to compete in the European elections, and now, less than a year later, already finds itself catapulted into first position in the polls. Spanish activists hopefully observe that “the fear is changing sides.” In 2015, the European austerity doctrine will face its most serious challenge to date.
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