Monday, 26 January 2015

Christmas Bonus.

      Looks like somebody is trying to pay off their Christmas debt. Though it would seem to go without saying, that if you do 31 ATM machines across the country, you are a travelling group.

     A raid on two cash machines where thieves made off with £10,000 could be linked to a gang of travelling criminals.
     Police Scotland are seeking the help of forces across the UK to track down those involved in the smash and grab at a Morrisions supermarket in Banchory, Aberdeenshire in the early hours around 3am yesterday morning.
It’s thought a Land Rover was used to haul the machines from the wall in the heist which could also be linked to a similar raid on a bank in Kirriemuir in    Angus before Christmas when £100,000 was taken.
     One line of inquiry links them to fugitive…who is wanted for raids on 31 ATMs across the UK. from local snitch media
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