Thursday, 8 January 2015

Spirit of Revolt In A Capitalist World.

     Spirit of Revolt is an entirely volunteer run archive, it gathers all Clydeside area, non-party, grass-roots material of struggle to improve the conditions of the ordinary people, and makes it easily accessible to the general public. However, like all archives, it requires funding for the day to day running, things like paper, printer cartridges, scanners, computers, pieces of internet equipment, web hosting, etc. In order to keep the cataloguing at international standard, and for training purposes, we also need the service of an archivist on a part-time basis. All this needs funding and we are grateful for any donations, large or small, one-of, or standing orders. So if you think we are doing a good job and would like to see us continue and expand, perhaps you could donate as you see fit, you can get details HERE or contact us at We would also like to thank those who have set up standing orders and donated one-of payments in the past, it is all much appreciated and necessary.    On behave of  Spirit of Revolt,  John.

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