Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cops - What Are They Good For?

      An excellent question, “What are the police for”, “what good do the really do?” get to know the facts and you'll get a better idea of their real purpose. The police are the street minders of the state, any “crimes” solved by them are peripheral to their main purpose, a by product, or a means of information gathering. We are sold the illusion that they are there to protect us the people, from “bad” people in our midst. However, when ever the people come together in numbers to protest against an injustice in our society, where do we find the police? They are always there ready to provoke, intimidate, and often beat up those protesting against that injustice, Remember the miners strike, the poll tax, that's when you see the real face of the police.

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  1. Who can deny that police is subordinated to the interests of the ruling class? The police does not protect a common social space, but the border that divides the arbitrary social space between exploited and exploiters, as it is clearly showen in your comment, and in the video that follows (an excellent video, by the way).