Sunday, 18 October 2015

Giving Myself A Workout.

     Headed out on the bike today, but it is getting too cold for my bronchial tubes. One of the many labels from the medical dictionary that have been pinned on me is CRAD, (chronic restrictive airways disease), the result being that as the temperature goes down so does the efficiency of my lungs. Hence the fair weather cyclist, I usually put the bike away when the clock is moved back. So this might be the last run of the season.
       Today as I started to cycle, I found it rather hard and couldn't get any pace at all, not that I have much of pace now-a-days, but it was a bit worrying. However I just gritted my teeth, swore under my breath, and continued to grind the peddles. As I was cycling past Kirkintilloch, a car drew along side and the passenger said, that something had fallen of the bike. I immediately stopped, and the car stopped in front of me. The woman driver got out and come up to me and informed me again that something had fallen from the bike, just back along the road a bit. At that I noticed that my wee bag at the back was open and empty, I thanked her and went to get what had dropped, but she said she would get it, and made off like a gazelle, and retrieved one inside tube. At that I noticed that my other tube, (I carry two just in case) it was wrapped round my back brake and jammed between the brake blocks and the wheel rim. So in fact I had been cycling more or less with the back brake on, it must have been the first to drop off just as I started the run, but got tangled round the brake, I definitely don't recommend this a a cycling method, perhaps good if you really want a workout and to ruin an inside tube. The rest of the run was much easier, with a little bit more pace. 
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  1. I will miss your regular cyclists chronic and your photos. The red bicycle has always been accompanied by entertaining stories and beautiful landscapes.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'll also miss the outings, though over the years I have got used to hibernating in the winter. I may manage to steal one or two outings before the cold finally kicks me indoors.